Home Remodeling Services

Are you looking to update your home to sell or to fit your lifestyle? Our home remodeling services are the perfect choice. We can help you modernize your home with kitchen, bathroom, basement, and whole home remodeling in Atlanta, Athens, and the surrounding area. 

The Trusted Toolbox provides beautiful home remodeling services for homeowners in Atlanta, Athens, Duluth, Marietta, and the surrounding areas in Georgia. If you live in an older home, then your rooms have likely seen better days. They may have outlets that don’t work, lights that don’t come on when you want them to, old wall and floor coverings, grimy old paint, etc. You could benefit from home renovation work if this sounds like your home. When you remodel your home, you add a lot of curb appeal and charm to your property. This will set your house apart from others if you are considering putting your property on the market in the next few years.

Why We Offer Home Remodeling

Prospective home buyers enjoy seeing locations where the previous homeowners took the time to work on home improvements to be more modern and functional. Our home remodeling contractors provide services to many residents in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, Duluth, and the surrounding cities in Georgia.

Of course, you may love DIY projects, and you could think this is work you could do on your own. However, the remodeling shows on TV make it look much easier than it is! That’s why we have a crew of 20 trained techs skilled in various home remodeling areas. Some are great electricians or plumbers, and some are fantastic at doing interior painting. Regardless of what kind of home renovation work you want to do, we guarantee that we have the perfect team to finish the job for you.

Home Remodeling Services


Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Home Rennovations

Bathroom Remodeling

At The Trusted Toolbox, we are experts in bathroom remodeling. Our team has been transforming master bathrooms, half baths, and guest baths for homeowners for years. Many older homes have just one bathroom with outdated layouts and aging fixtures. Our team can help you add a bathroom to your home or design a bathroom renovation, so the one you have works for you.

Modern families have different needs than those in the 1960s or ’70s. Since then, new design ideas and universal design principles have been developed that help inform the design of bathrooms. Our team of bathroom remodeling contractors at The Trusted Toolbox can help you choose new vanities, shower tile, sinks, fixtures, and more for your bathroom renovation project. Take a look below at some of the services we offer for homeowners looking to update their bathrooms. 

  • New tub, shower, toilet, and sink installation
  • Install new wall and floor tiles
  • Install new lighting or fixtures
  • Add a fresh coat of paint
  • Install cabinets, counter tops, mirrors, or vanities
Bathroom Remodeling Atlanta, GA

Kitchen Remodeling

The Trusted Toolbox specializes in kitchen remodeling in Atlanta, Athens, and the surrounding areas in Central Georgia. We’ve been working with homeowners on kitchen renovation projects for years. Our kitchen design and build team will help you transform your cramped, old, or poorly designed kitchen spaces into a space you will spend time in. Call our experts if you need a complete remodel or just a small update.

Our team will work with you to give your kitchen makeover project the quality of service and finish it deserves. We can help you pick cabinets, fixtures, appliances, and countertops to fit your budget and save money. Look below at some of the kitchen remodeling services we offer homeowners. 

  • Install new lighting and fixtures.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint.
  • Install new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and kitchen islands
  • Lay new tile, wood, or vinyl plank flooring
  • Install tile backsplashes
  • Install appliances – fridges, stoves, ovens, microwaves
Kitchen Remodeling Atlanta GA

Basement Remodeling Services

If you are considering starting a basement remodeling or basement finishing project in Atlanta, Athens, Duluth, or the surrounding areas, you need a home remodeling professional. There are too many potential problems to solve to leave it to DIY or a cheap and quick company. Our experts at The Trusted Toolbox have been helping homeowners finish and renovate their dated basements for years. We think about details that may not seem obvious at first. These include egress regulations, the water level, and other issues with your foundation.

Our home remodeling team at The Trusted Toolbox can transform your basement into a space you will enjoy. We can create game rooms, wine cellars, home theaters, and even add bedrooms. Contact our experts to learn more about basement remodeling with The Trusted Toolbox. 

  • Install new flooring
  • Finish basement walls
  • Design functional living spaces
  • Modernize your basement
  • Create more space for your family to enjoy
Basement Remodeling Atlanta GA

Our Home Remodeling Work

Take a look at some of the home remodeling projects we have completed for clients in Atlanta, Athens, Duluth, and the surrounding areas in Georgia. 

Contact our Home Remodeling Experts to Update Your Home in Central Georgia

The Trusted Toolbox offers expert home remodeling and repair services to homeowners in Atlanta, Athens, Duluth, and the surrounding areas. No job is too big or small, and has peace of mind that your project will be built the right way. If you want to discuss a home remodeling project, please contact our experts at The Trusted Toolbox today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 770-623-3097.