January 2024

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Have a Repair List Moving into 2024?

It’s cold and we’re inside our homes more during this season. More time means more wear and tear.

Do you need a hole in your drywall or a broken light fixture in your hallway repaired? How about a leaking sink repaired or a new sliding glass door installed? Need a ceiling fan hung or that new TV mounted? Do you have only one or two items on your list? You might want to consider our Handyman For A Half Day.

The decision to hire a handyman for home repair depends on the scope of the project, your own abilities, and the amount of time you have to work on it. Why should you consider our handyman services?

We will deliver the services you need in a timely manner and for a price you can afford.

Have a Repair List Moving into 2024?

With the cold weather at hand, we wanted to remind you that The Trusted Toolbox is experienced in the installation of home leak detection systems like Flo by Moen. This game-changing device gives you unmatched leak prevention by automatically shutting off your water to prevent catastrophic damage. By pairing your device with Smart Leak Detectors monitoring weather and appliance-related leaks anywhere in your home, you’ll receive real-time moisture alerts to help prevent water damage. A BIG BONUS: Many insurance companies offer rebates and discounts off homeowner policies for installing this precautionary measure!

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to remodel your bathroom? Whether you want to remodel the entire space or just add a few touches to update it, the possibilities for bathroom design ideas are endless. From selecting the perfect finishes to choosing the best tile, we can help you create a look that is both functional and stylish.

Did you know that January is National Organization Month?

We found an article you might like with 18 Creative Bathroom Organizing Ideas.

Home Adaptations for Aging in Place Making Life Easier, One Project at a Time

Over the past year, we’ve seen a remarkable rise in demand for home modifications that support Aging in Place. Recognizing this crucial need, we’re excited to introduce a new feature in our newsletter. Each month, we’ll share innovative and practical ideas designed to simplify transitions and enhance comfort in your home as you age. Stay tuned for tips and solutions that empower you to live independently and securely in your familiar surroundings.

Brighten Up the House

The vision of someone at 30 and at 60 can vary significantly. As we age, our eyes often face various common conditions, underscoring the need for enhanced home lighting solutions. Here are a few ideas to consider – there are simple solutions and some that might require your favorite handyman!


  • Embrace LEDs: They provide long-lasting, high-quality light, reducing replacement frequency and eye strain.
  • Ambient Lighting: Recessed lights spread out across large spaces and are the room’s main source of illumination.
  • Dimmers for Versatility: Dimmable lighting adjusts to different activities, conserves energy and cuts costs.
  • Pathway Lighting: Motion sensor lights in hallways and stairs create safe nighttime pathways without manual switching.
  • Task-Specific Lighting: Focused lighting for tasks, such as under-cabinet lights, swing arm lamps, and track lighting.
  • Outlets in the Floor: Strategically placed floor outlets minimizes tripping hazards.
  • Accessible Controls: Install easily reachable switches and dimmers, like paddle switches, for convenience and independence.
5 star reviews

Trusted Toolbox is our go-to for work around the house and Alex did a great job today! Highly recommend this company. 

Elisabeth G.

Excellent! Professional, kind, efficient. I will be calling Lagaunda for everything but the roof. He’s got to be more than a foot taller than me, but still fixed my crawlspace door with no complaints. Am so grateful to have found him. 

Sandy T.

5 star reviews

Brett and Kenneth did an excellent job installing a few light fixtures and a new ceiling fan in our home. They were courteous, demonstrated high attention to detail and service excellence, and had the most pleasant and friendly dispositions. Without question, we would readily and enthusiastically recommend Brett, Kenneth and The Trusted Toolbox to my family, friends and neighbors. 

Lasaundra S.

Our Promise | Our Value

We promise that you and your family will be pleased with our services and professionalism. Our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from everyone else in our industry. We will respect your home, family and any special requirements.
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