November 2023 Newsletter

A Message from Chris Lalomia

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Do you need "just a few things fixed" before your in-laws come for their yearly holiday visit?

Do you need a broken light fixture in your guest bath repaired?

How about a leaking toilet repaired or a cabinet door rehung?

Need a ceiling fan hung or a TV mounted on a wall?

Do you have only one or two items on your list?

You might want to consider our Handyman For A Half Day.

The decision to hire a handyman for home repair depends on the scope of the project, your own abilities, and the amount of time you have to work on it.

Why should you consider our handyman services?

We will deliver the services you need in a timely manner and

for a price you can afford. Check out our reviews!

Small (and Clever) Renovation Ideas

Did you know that The Trusted Toolbox can help you with small renovation ideas around your home? We rounded up a few articles for inspirational purposes … all introducing functional design in small unconventional spaces.


Clever Uses for the Space Under the Stairs

Tackling the home’s trickiest triangle, from sneaky storage to cozy nooks.

Small Mudroom Ideas

Creative layouts, clever cabinets, and smart storage solutions for mudrooms of any size.

Ideas for Building a Pantry

Does your home not have dedicated pantry storage space? Check out these clever ideas and hacks!

My Thanksgiving Favs Food, Wine and Football

No-Fail Thanksgiving Turkey

I’ve used this recipe for years. It’s all about the brine!

Stuffing Bread from The Great Harvest Bread Co. And if you want to take it one step further, check out this stuffing recipe using the bread. Hurry though … you have to order by the 18th!

The Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

From Food & Wine

5 star reviews

Want a wonderful fun experience with Brett and Kenneth. Not only were they top professionals but they are fun to be around. They made all my ToDo work fun. And they came and got everything I needed done and made sure I was satisfied with the finished product. I would be glad to have them back to do work anytime. Excellent job!!!!
Lois A.

We had a list of small jobs that needed to be done. A Trusted Toolbox tech (Lagaunda Baker) came out and completed our list in a couple days. He was courteous, answered all our questions, and completed the work to our satisfaction. I will definitely consider using Trusted Toolbox again in the future. 
Greg V.

5 star reviews

Roby removed one door in master bath and installed a new door to the bath. He also removed an old patio door between the kitchen and a sunroom addition, finishing the opening and most importantly making a level floor transition between the rooms in place of the raised threshold which was a tripping hazard. Roby was friendly, professional, thorough, and very skilled. 
Herb W.

Very pleased with the speedy service. Alex had to come back for additional repairs. Kudos to him for not taking shortcuts and doing it right! I appreciate his professionalism and willingness to listen and complete the task properly. I will definitely hire them again for future projects. 
Anita L.

Our Promise | Our Value

We promise that you and your family will be pleased with our services and professionalism. Our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from everyone else in our industry. We will respect your home, family and any special requirements.

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