Take the Stress out of March Home Maintenance

April 2021
A Message from Chris Lalomia
The Place of Forsyth County
The Place of Forsyth County is a non-profit organization, supported by volunteers and donors, that helps the people in the Forsyth County area with essential needs and to be self-sustaining.​ Check out their website to take a further look at their programs and ways you can help. Or help now ...

Financial Donations
Food and Household Donations
Taking care of household maintenance takes time, tools, and "know-how". If you are lacking in any of these three necessities, it can be frustrating. Yes, you can go buy the tools and look up DIY advice online ... all of which takes money and time. May we suggest a much better solution?

ONLY $690 A Day!
(half days are also available)

Simply click on the button below to create your list. When we schedule the appointment, the list will prepare us for your estimate.
Recent Projects
Bathroom Remodel
Kitchen Remodel
Any real estate agent will tell you that having an updated bathroom and kitchen is of great value when pricing and selling your home. Minor renovations will not only keep your home up-to-date for your enjoyment, they will also payoff when you decide to sell your home. The Trusted Toolbox can handle a large or small remodeling project, one item at a time or all at once. Here are a few articles from The Spruce to inspire you:

From The Zoo to the Wild
Do you have what it takes to start your own business? Are you mentally and physically prepared to make the leap from corporate employee to entrepreneur? Do you need to make corrections to your small business to achieve or sustain operational excellence? This book is a unique perspective of the journey into the wild world of home services and delivering service excellence.
Our Promise | Our Value
We promise that you and your family will be pleased with our services and professionalism. Our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from everyone else in our industry. We will respect your home, family and any special requirements.

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