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August 2020
A Message from Chris Lalomia
Our #1 Handyman Repair Job
Wood rot is the kind of home improvement job that should be given high priority and undertaken with some urgency. If wood rot is not addressed it can spread and if untreated, can literally threaten the integrity of your home. Rot is caused by moisture trapped inside wood, which creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow.

A PROFESSIONAL TIP: The best way to beat wood rot, before it has a chance of spreading, is to regularly check to see whether it has begun to appear around your home’s structure. Look especially closely at damp- and moisture-prone areas like under the guttering, around window and door sills, decked areas and roofs.
Ideally you should be doing this every two to three months.

If you find wood rot, schedule an estimate with The Trusted Toolbox. We will take a look, provide an estimate and inspect the rest of your home if you'd like.
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There is no doubt that the Pandemic has changed the way we live at home. Outdoor living spaces and home offices have become much more important than they used to be! With school beginning this month, the entire family might be staying at home during the workday. We are getting requests to create study spaces for the kids and turn home offices into an office for two. With that in mind, we offer you two articles from Home Designing with creative tips and ideas.

If you see something that sparks an idea you want to explore, give us a call to set up a consultation and estimate.
Adrian Paulet
Responsiveness, Value

Cedric Houston was the "handyman" that came to my house and spent the day accomplishing two fantastic jobs. First, he installed a new storm door after my original one was shattered by my landscaping service (accidentally) and second, he did a wonderful job on replacing a botched drywall repair that was in my garage ceiling. Both jobs were done with great care and the results are outstanding. Cedric was on time, very professional, very experienced, and an easy going guy who was very personable. I have used the The Trusted Toolbox before and I have always been pleased with the results and Cedric is another great handyman.
Sharon Wilson
Professionalism, Quality

I've used The Trusted Toolbox for small jobs in the past, but this is my first remodel with them. We had our laundry room enlarged, had the plumbing moved -- the works. Nathan and his crew finished the job in a reasonable time and it really looks great. Any concerns or small fixes were handled promptly and resolved to my satisfaction. I'll definitely consider using them again for my next remodel.

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