Home Maintenance to Prepare For The Cold Coming

December 2021

Is there a draft in your home? Is one room colder than the others?
Tis' the season! We're getting calls to add weather stripping around doors, insulate switches & outlets on exterior walls, and wrap pipes exposed to cold.

Errrrr ... a little too late to get ahead of the cold - have you been outside this morning?!

But we're here to help you deal with it now! You might want to consider:

The decision to hire a handyman for home repair depends on the scope of the project, your own abilities, and the amount of time you have to work on it.
Why should you consider our handyman services?

We will deliver the services you need in a timely manner and
for a price you can afford.
What's your favorite feature in your house?
Chris has started a Podcast about starting and running a business and asks all of his guests this question ... check out the answer below.
The Small Business Safari Podcast - Go Follow, Rate and Review
"I LOVE my home office! It's the only room in the house that I can tell the rest of my family they may not enter. My kids aren't allowed to play in it and my wife can't tell me to clean it up. Who doesn't love that!?"

They say compartmentalization and clear borders are essential to business, and that applies to the masculine home office just as much as the boardroom. Hence, if you’re a man who works from home and has room to spare, consider a proper masculine home office to be mandatory.

A dedicated work space in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. Here, we’ve gathered 65 home office ideas that will inspire you to design a work-friendly space in your own home. 
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